Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 11: Sunday, Nutty Sunday....

I love when people visit me!!!

Call it silly or whatever, but I happen to love company. Random drop-in company, planned-visit company, coming down for lunch company - whatever! Ok, sometimes it's not convenient, but overall it's kick-ass.

Today was an awesome day. Woke up after our fab cocktail party, house was already 85% cleaned up from the night before (we are entertaining pros) and Annie came down to visit! Yes, same Annie from the drink suggestion the other day. We did nothing productive besides have Surf Taco for a late lunch, and it was fantASTic (heehee). I would even call it a bit nutty, because, well, we gabbed like 2 high-school kids. Not a far stretch for Annie, but for me,'s been a while since high school!

So now that it's almost bed time, I'm having my day-ending cocktail. Thanks, Surf Taco, for the idea that has become an awesome frozen drink. That I am drinking in my fleece pajamas while cuddling under a down quilt....

Really Nutty Surfer

1 large scoop vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream (mmmm......edy's slow churned.....)
2 Tbsp peanut butter (delicious orchard's natural creamy!)
1 banana
2  cups milk (i use fat free)
2oz Peanut Cream Liqueur (I have Nutz & Rum we brought back from St. Lucia, something called Castries - which is actually the capital of St. Lucia - is available here in the states.)

Throw it all in a blender. Put as much of the liqueur as you want. If you want it more smoothie-like - this is kinda milkshake-like - add ice.

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