Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2 Part B: The Bloody Englishman

Thank goodness it's over for today and forever!

I mean the "Saw" franchise.  Today is opening day of the final chapter of the Saw movies.  I have endured opening night for ALL SEVEN of them, as they have become Jason's favorite movie series.  And to make matters worse, they made the last one different.  I mean same concept - more blood and gore than I can handle - maybe more than normal.  A twist at the end which is surprising (and this time it also left me torn...) but somehow makes sitting through that drudgery worth it.   What's different? "Saw 3D." For real? Blood and guts and an intestine falling to the ground like a giant homemade sausage isn't enough - you have to make it a 3D movie, too?

Well, it took me a while to get my blood pressure back to normal...and I think I also need a drink to keep calm!

Tonight's cocktail is in honor of Saw 3D - only because I'm toasting it's being the finale!!!!

The Bloody Englishman

5 oz Bailey's

Put a teeny bit of grenadine in a martini glass.
Shake Bailey's with ice.
Strain into the martini glass.
Put about a dozen or so droplets of grenadine all over the top of the Bailey's.

I know Bailey's is Irish, but Cary Elwes, the first survivor of Jigsaw's traps - back from the first movie know, the guy who had to SAW his foot off to of English decent.

So Dr. Gordon....this one's for you!

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