Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 3: Mischief Night...... VooDoo Cocktail

Let's just say that Blackberry started the mischief today.

On our way out to MeeMaw's 85th birthday party in Allentown, PA (MeeMaw is Jason's dad's mom...) my purple BB started getting hot. I mean hot. So, I did the smart thing and turned it off.  At the party I tried to turn it on: nothing.  Tried with Jason's BB's battery: turned on, got hot immediately.  After the 2 hour drive home, made it to the Verizon store.  They had to order me a new BB. I won't have it until Tuesday!!!!! 

Anyway, the party was awesome, houses on our new street got TP'd (ours didn't - I feel like I don't belong...) and today's cocktail is fab.  So really, the only mischief so far is that BB mishap.

And now, on with the show.


1 oz Kamora (or Kahlua....I happen to have Kamora on hand)
1 oz DeKuyper Buttershots (butterscotch schnapps)
1 oz Bacardi Coco (coconut rum)
2 oz milk or cream (i used fat free 1/2 & 1/2 because that's what's in the house)

Shake ingredients with ice. Pour into a sugar rimmed martini glass (preferably halloween colored sugar!)

VooDoo - with Halloween Candy in back!!!