Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 2 Part A: Coffee for Breakfast

While I have chosen this blog to be about cocktails, there is something I like even more than cocktails.

No, I am not trying to dispel any thoughts that I might be an alcoholic.  If you know me, you know that I am not. You may know that I worked for Wine Country (liquor stores in NJ) for a long time, and I am back with them again. If you didn't know, you do now!  While there on my first stint, I was able to try all kinds of liqueurs and spirits I might not try on my own...and I was able to buy the newest ones as they came on to the market, too!  Which is how I have built my collection of favorites.  I will be trying new things as time passes, too.  I don't expect everyone to like everything I do, but isn't it fun to try new things?

Back to the main reason for today's "Part A" post: COFFEE. I love it. Adore it. Can't have a day go by without it.  And even more so, I LOVE MY KEURIG!!!! I would just die without it.  Getting my coffee delivery from Keurig or Green Mountain Coffee (depends on which month it is...) is like Christmas!  Yes, I am a dork - but a dork that drinks amazing coffee!

Today's breakfast selection is Green Mountain Coffee's Caramel Vanilla Cream.  It's like a caramel macchiato and french vanilla drip all in one without the mess of making espresso!

Part B of today's blog will have a cocktail in it. Promise.

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